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Centenary of Scouting (Europa) - 26 July 2007

In 1907 Robert Baden-Powell held an experimental camp on Brownsea Island, Poole, Dorset, to try out his ideas. He brought together 20 boys, some from public schools and some from working class homes, and put them into camp under his leadership. This was the start of The Scouts Association and 2007 marks its centenary, commemorated by Royal Mail with a set of six stamps.

Set of 6 British stamps to commemorate the Centenary of the Scouting movement.

1st Class: 11 of the 12 astronauts who walked on the Moon were once Scouts: A young Scout looks to the Moon.
46p: The youngest climber of the highest peaks on all 7 continents was a Scout: A pair of Scouts conquer a mountain.
48p: 450,000 UK Scouts take part in community projects every year: A young Scout plants a tree.
54p: Adult Scout volunteers give over 360 million hours of time each year: An adult volunteer helps a youngster with archery practice.
69p: The first non-stop solo flight around the world was made by a Scout: A Scout pilots an aircraft.
78p: Scouting is the largest youth movement in the world with 28 million members: Scouts get together to celebrate 100 Years of Scouting.

One hundred years of Scouting

Can you imagine a world without Scouting? Without the adventure, the Jamborees, the summer camps, the familiar sight of badges, neckerchiefs and riotous gang shows? It would be a quieter world, somehow less colourful and a great deal less friendly. Fortunately, we don't have to imagine such a thing, because in 1907, a fifty-year old soldier called Robert Baden-Powell struck upon a wonderful idea.

Scouting began 100 years ago on Brownsea Island, Poole, in Dorset with a camp for twenty young people of different backgrounds. Convinced that young people in Britain could benefit from an active, outdoor programme, Baden-Powell planned eight days of woodcraft skills, life saving, 'campfire yarns' and team games, designed to encourage initiative and responsibility. The camp was agreed by all to be a great success. In 1908, Baden-Powell outlined his scheme including some the stories from Brownsea, in his best selling book Scouting for Boys, and a Movement was born.

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One World, One Promise

1st class Prepaid GB Scout Centenary postcard.Today, Scouting offers challenge and adventure to 450,000 adults and young people in the United Kingdom and 28 million worldwide. Helping girls and boys reach their potential by developing team building and leadership skills, Scouting operates in all but six countries of the world. Despite different uniforms, programme and economic advantages all are united by a common Promise - to help other people and do their best.

Every four years, Scouts gather together for an amazing event - the World Scout Jamboree. Camping, working and playing together in a vast tented city young people learn about each other's food, customs and cultures and confront issues as diverse as landmines, debt and poverty. Jamborees are a powerful display of international friendship and it is not uncommon for Scouts whose countries are at war to be sharing a meal.

In July and August 2007, just as these stamps were issued, 40,000 Scouts from over 150 countries came to the United Kingdom for the 21st World Scout Jamboree - the largest Scouting event in this country for fifty years. It is not just an amazing celebration of adventure and Scouting's Centenary, but a festival for peace at a time of continued global conflict.

54p Prepaid GB Scout Centenary postcard. Postal Stationery - Prepaid postcards
To coincide with World Scouting Jamboree being held in Essex, Royal Mail will be issuing a particularly appropriate product, last seen in 1993 - Prepaid Postcards. Larger than the standard Stamp Cards, these six postcards also bear enlarged images of the Mint Stamps but contain reproductions of the first class or worldwide postcard rate stamps printed on the back making them valid for postage.
The 1st class, 46p and 48p Prepaid Postcards are imprinted with the 1st Class stamp and 54p, 69p and 78p cards with the 54p stamp.

The pack includes a seventh card (blank on the reverse) for packaging purposes and to explain the enclosed products. The postally valid device (or 'stamp') printed on the reverse is actual stamp size and is printed with phosphor bands. The cards with 54p stamp printed on reverse also have printed par avion 'label' in blue. The pack of six and will not be sold separately by Royal Mail. Card size: 160mm (w) x 115mm (h)

illustration of the Europa symbol on the 1st class Scout stamp and cards

Technical details:
The stamps and postcards are printed in lithography by John Enschede Security Print in shesst of 25/50.
The Scouts wanted the stamps to show the contemporary nature of Scouting and for this reason the illustrator Jez Fry was chosen. Jez is half Japanese and works in a style similar to Japanese Manga (comic illustration) and Anime (film animation).

All images except FDCs are Copyright Royal Mail 2006/07. 

EUROPA. The Europa logo is on the right-hand side of the 1st class and 48p stamps. This is at the top in all cases (including prepaid postcards), except on the 1st class stamp card (PHQ) it is located at the foot. - see right ->

Norvic Exclusive First Day Cover

Our cover for this issue shows the commemorative stone at Brownsea Island and an early portrait of Lord (then Colonel) Baden-Powell, and will be available cancelled with either L10609 (Brownsea Island) or L10605 (London, Baden-Powell) as shown - price 8.95 each.

Norvic first day cover for Centenary of Scouting stamp set 26 July 2007.

Products issued

Set of 6 stamps mint 
Set of 6 stamp cards (grey border)
Set of 6 prepaid postcards (dark border) with preprinted stamp on reverse

Royal Mail Presentation Pack - 4.95
Royal Mail Scouting Centenary stamps presentation pack 26 July 2007.
Royal Mail FDCs with any postmark - 5.35
Royal Mail first day cover for the Centenary of Scouting stamps 26 July 2007.

Special Postmarks

Postmarks available for the day of issue are shown below;  These may not be to scale.  These cannot be obtained after 26 July. 

official postmark showing Scout Badge. official Brownsea Island postmark with quotation from Robert Baden-Powell. official non-pictorial postmark of Brownsea Island. Postmark showing the Iron Bridge at Ironbridge in Shropshire. postmark showing Phil-stamp Snail in Scout Uniform.
Ref FD729
Philatelic Bureau Official Postmark
Ref FD730 . Official Brownsea Island, Poole 'The Scout motto is founded on my intitials, it is BE PREPARED' Baden-Powell 1907 Ref FD730NP
Official Brownsea Island, Poole non-pictorial postmark
Ref W10593
Scouting Centenary, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Ref L10584
Centenary of Scouting, Gilwell Park, London E4
Scout Centenary postmark showing Lord Baden-Powell. Scout Centenary postmark showing Lord Baden-Powell. Scout Centenary postmark showing Lord Baden-Powell and reef-knot. Scout Centenary postmark showing camp fire. Scout Centenary postmark showing tent.
Ref M10615
SCOUTS Scout Close, Birmingham,
Ref L10605
Robert Baden-Powell, 100 Years of Scouting, London W2
Ref L10603
1907-2007 Bletchley Park Post Office, Milton Keynes
Ref L10609
Centenary of Scouting, Brownsea Island, Poole, Dorset
Ref L10600
Centenary of Scouting, Brownsea Island, Poole, Dorset
Scout Centenary postmark showing a stylised tent. Scout Centenary postmark showing a compass and text as below. Scout Centenary postmark illustrated with a row of tents. Scout Centenary postmark showing the Scout badge. Scout Centenary postmark showing Scout, saulting.
Ref L10602
Scouting Centenary, Brownsea Island, Dorset
Ref L10601
100 Years of Scouting, GBFDC Association, Brownsea Island Poole
Ref L10606
Brownsea Island 100 Years of Scouting Poole
Ref L10611
Centenary of Scouting, Gilwell Park, London E4
Ref L10604
21st World Jamboree, 100 Years of Scouting, Chelmsford

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