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New Machin definitive & Country stamps - 27 March 2007

Postage rate changes which take effect from 2 April will require several new stamps. The basic inland rates will rise, 1st from 32p to 34p & 2nd class from 23p to 24p. There will be no 34p or 24p stamps as these are satisfied by the 1st class gold and 2nd class blue. There is no need for a 'balancing' 10p as that already exists.

five new definitive stamps issued 27 March 2007

The basic rates for Large Letters increase from 44p to 48p (1st class) and from 37p to 40p (2nd class). The existing 14p pink will be retained for the 1st class difference (48p-34p) but a new 16p pale pink stamp will cover the difference for 2nd class (40p-24p).

International rates also rise at this time:
Basic Europe rate 10gr and postcards: +4p to 48p - new Machin 48p rhododendron stamp to replace 44p (earlier 'E' rate stamps still valid). This stamp is also valid for the 100gr inland large letter rate.

Basic Worldwide rate 10gr and postcards: +4p to 54p - new stamp 54p rust.

Worldwide 20gr rate: +6p to 78p, new 78p emerald green.

Worldwide 40gr rate: +5p to 1.17/1.24 (zone 1/2). This should also be satisfied by the airmail NVI, but special stamps will be 1.24 instead of 1.12 as originally issued.

2005 & 2007 Machin 46p stamps showing obvious differences. The Surface mail 20gr rate is increased from 42p to 46p, and this will be served by the 2005 46p old gold stamp which is still on philatelic sale and will be reintroduced at post offices. Although this is not regarded as a new stamp by Royal Mail it is a new printing in a new shade, so this will be of interest to specialists. Although it has cylinder number D1 it is a new cylinder as it has the colour engraved in the sheet margin, as do the rest of the new stamps except the 50p.

Other new stamps. A new 50p grey Machin will be issued on the same date. The reason for this is "operational reasons", cited as the difficulty in sorting offices of distinguishing the 50p from the 1st class gold. This is odd as the gold stamp was issues in 2003 and the 50p in 1997. It is even more odd considering the 1st class gold now has 1st in large type, but we understand that the design of the 1st gold and 2nd class blue standard letter stamps will revert to the original design, the Large Letter stamps being unchanged.

Large Letter business sheets. Business sheets of 50 Large Letter 1st & 2nd class stamps will also be issued on this date. Until we have seen these we do not know how different they are (if at all) from the Large Letter booklet stamps issued 15 August 2006.

New Country Stamps valued 48p and 78p will also be issued for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales in existing designs.

new definitive stamps issued 27 March 2007

Effect on other products. Prices of NVI stamp books will increase as follows:
6/12 x 1st class stamps - 2.04/4.08
12 x 2nd class stamps - 2.48
4 x 1st/2nd Large Letter stamps - 1.92/1.60
Universal airmail: postcards - 54p, 40gr Europe - 69p, 40gr worldwide - 1.24.
All earlier 1st & 2nd definitives and country stamps, special stamps sets, presentation packs, miniature sheets and Smilers Sheets will increase in price in line with the 1st & 2nd class rates.

Technical information

All the new definitive and country stamps will be printed by De La Rue in gravure, in sheets of 200. The Business Sheets of 50 1st and 2nd class Large Letter PIP stamps are printed by Walsall Security Print. (We await confirmation as to whether these are gravure or litho.)

First Day Covers

Norvic Philatelics will service Post Office first day covers for these stamps.

These special postmarks are available on the day of issue: (These images are not to scale)

postmark showing Scottish Arms of Royal Mail. postmark showing English Arms of Royal Mail. Postmark showing a sword. Postmark showing a thistle. Windsor Castle postmark.
Ref FD713 - official Bureau first day postmark Ref FD714 - official Windsor first day postmark Ref FD715 - official FDI London postmark Ref FD716 - official FDI Edinburgh postmark Ref E4680 - Windsor Castle, Royal Mail permanent handstamp
London postmark. Edinburgh postmark. Cardiff postmark. Belfast postmark. Belfast permanent postmark.
Ref FD717N - official non-pictorial FDI Cardiff postmark Ref FD714N - official non-pictorial FDI Windsor postmark Ref FD715N - official non-pictorial FDI London postmark Ref FD716N - official non-pictorial FDI Edinburgh postmark Ref S4641 - Belfast permanent handstamp.
Edinburgh postmark. Postmark showing a dragon's tail. Postmark showing flax. Cardiff postmark. Edinburgh postmark.
Ref FD718N - official non-pictorial FDI Belfast postmark Ref FD717 - official non-pictorial FDI Cardiff postmark Ref FD718 - official non-pictorial FDI Belfast postmark Ref W5097 - Cardiff permanent handstamp. Ref S4653 - Edinburgh permanent handstamp.
Additionally, any postmarks available on this date may also be applied to FDCs
- see Permanent postmarks and Other one-day postmarks
Postmark showing Machin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. <<<<
Ref M10469 - Queen Elizabeth Road, Birmingham

If you have any questions about these stamps or wish to purchase any, please email us.

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