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Beside the Seaside - 15 May 2007

There's always been something peculiarly British about a traditional seaside holiday - which is just as well, because we invented them. So in honour of the great British holiday, we have six classic seaside images to get you ready for summer.


Set of 6 stamps:
1st class - ice cream cone;
46p - sand castle;
48p - Fairground ride.

54p - beach huts;
69p - deck chairs;
78p donkeys.

Old habits die hard on the beaches of Britain.
What precious memories we've all got of hours spent hunting for shrimps in rock pools while our parents topped up their tans, grandparents left dozing in deckchairs entombed in tons of sand - can it get any better? But when did seaside holidays become a reality for the masses? Thanks to our position at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution, the development of railways brought the British coastline within easy reach of our towns and cities. And more than a century on, despite decades of cheap air travel and the lure of year round sunshine, our coastal towns have responded with luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants and exciting new attractions.

It appears to be working, as around 25 million Britons currently spend over 4 million enjoying a holiday at home.

After all, who needs Benidorm when you've got good old Blighty? So slop on the sun cream and place a folded newspaper on your head - it's time to enjoy that well deserved break... no passport required... down by the seaside.

Technical details:

Designed by Phelan Barker Design Consultants, the stamps are printed in gravure by De La Rue Security Prints. The stamps are 35mm square and are in sheets of 25/50. All images except Norvic FDCs are by kind permission of Royal Mail, Copyright 2007. Norvic FDCs, and this website are copyright Norvic Philatelics 2007.
Photography credits: 1st - Ice Cream Cone: Martin Parr/Magnum Photos; 46p - Sand Castle: Rolph Gobits; 48p - Merry-go-round: Ian Britton/FreeFoto; 54p - Beach Huts: Sam Morgan Moore/Beachfeature; 69p - Deckchairs: Peter Williams/English Heritage.NMR; 78p -Donkeys: Billy Stock/Photolibrary Wales.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Cover

Our exclusive FDC for this issue shows some beach art from Sheringham on the North Norfolk Coast.
The stamps are cancelled at 'Cromer Road Sheringham' thus mentioning the two great Norfolk rivals - price 10.95 each.
Norvic FDC for Beside the Seaside stamp set issued 15 May 2007.

The cover above is our standard cover for this issue but for collectors who prefer pictorial handstamps a variation is available with a choice of two postmarks N10505 Scarborough or N10507 Blackpool and is priced at 8.95 each.
Norvic FDC for Beside the Seaside stamp set issued 15 May 2007.

Products issued:
Mint set
Presentation Pack
Royal Mail FDCs
Set of 6 Stamp Cards unused

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Special Postmarks
Postmarks available for the day of issue are shown here these may not be to scale. These postmarks cannot be obtained after the date of issue.

postmark illustrated with ferris wheel. postmark illustrated with Blackpool tower. first day of issue Blackpool postmark. postmark showing beach bucket & spade postmark showing seagull
Ref FD723
Philatelic Bureau Official Postmark
Ref FD724
Blackpool Official Postmark
Ref FD724NP
Blackpool Official non-pictorial Postmark
Ref N10505
Ref L10489
Brighton, E Sussex
postmark showing beach bucket & spade. postmark showing graphic of Blackpool pleasure beach. postmark showing Blackpool Sandcastle waterpark logo. postmark showing sea shell. postmark showing phil-stamp eating ice cream cone.
Ref M10501
Sandy Way, Birmimgham
Ref N10507
Ref N10508
Blackpool Sandcastle Water Park
Ref L10492
Shell Road, London SE13
Ref L10493
postmark showing crab. postmark showing Mr Punch. postmark showing Southend on Sea Kursaal. postmark showing Brighton's Royal Pavilion.
Ref N10506
Blackpool, Lancashire
Ref W10511
Weymouth, Dorset
Ref L4677
Southend-on-Sea (rolling-date postmark)
Ref L4643
Brighton (rolling-date postmark)

If you have any questions about these stamps or FDCs please email us. NB: all emails will be acknowledged in 1-2 days. If you do not receive an acknowledgement please email us from a different address (eg hotmail, gmail).

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