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Mixed Booklet: definitives and greetings - 16 January 2007

Anticipating the success of the Greetings booklet of stamps issued in October 2006, Royal Mail will issue a booklet aimed at senders of cards for St Valentines Day (14 February). This booklet contains 6 1st class stamps, of which 5 are standard definitives and 1 is the LOVE greetings stamp. The edge strip on the booklet is decorated with hearts.

The booklet will carry an advert for the smiler service focusing on Valentine's day as this is one of the smilers service key events. The booklets will be distributed throughout Post Offices and the retail network leading up to Valentine's day.

Royal Mail do not regard this as a new issue, so there will not be an official first day cover or First Day of Issue postmarks. However, the stamp is philatelically new, as this printing has the eliptical perforations on the vertical sides, whereas the original issued on 4 October 2005 has traditional perforations.

booklet of 6 self-adhesive 1st class stamps, 5 definitive, 1 LOVE greetings.

Retail booklet containing 6 x 1st class stamps, 5 PIP 1st class definitives and 1 Love greetings stamp.

Technical details:
The booklets are printed by Walsall Security Print in gravure, and the stamps are, as usual, self-adhesive.
All images except FDCs are Royal Mail Copyright 2006/7.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Cover

We produced a small number of exclusive covers for this booklet, with the advertisement and colour strip, priced at 7.50.
We also produced some covers with the Love stamp only - priced at 6.25, and some joint covers with the USA "Hershey's Kiss" love stamp.

Norvic FDC for love retail booklet issued 16 January 2007.
Norvic FDC for love retail booklet issued 16 January 2007.

Special Postmarks
Postmarks available for the day of issue are shown below - these may not be to scale - we do not expect any more to be announced. These postmarks cannot be obtained after the date of issue.

postmark illustrated with guitars. Liverpool postmark illustrated with guitar and drum kit
Ref W10367
Love Advert Booklet, Lover, Salisbury
Ref W10368
Love Advert Booklet, Rose, Truro

If you have any questions about these stamps please email us.
NB: we will endeavour to answer all emails within 1-2 days. If you do not receive an acknowledgement please email us from a different address (eg hotmail, gmail).

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