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The New Wembley Stadium - miniature sheet - 17 May 2007

When the Twin Towers of the old Wembley Stadium were demolished, it was the end of an era. Now the twin towers have been replaced by the Wembley Arch, visible from 13 miles away.

Royal Mail commemorates the re-opening of Wembley Stadium with a miniature sheet. Problems delayed the stadium completion and therefore the issue of this sheet from 2006. We don't know if the 2006 version, with 68p stamps instead of 78p as shown, was ever printed, but if you find any, we would like to hear from you! Royal Mail seem to have had further problems with the Smilers Sheet (see below). We understand that the version shown below (and the large image linked from it) was printed but not issued. Once again copies sent early to dealers were recalled but there may be copies on the market.

Click here to visit the official Wembley Stadium site.

miniature sheet of five stamps commemorating the new Wembley Stadium.

The sheet has been designed by Roundel, using 2 x 2nd class and 2 x 78p England Country definitives, and a redesign of the 'Crowned Lion & Shield' stamp originally issued for the 2002 World Cup.

Smilers Sheet

Alongside the miniature sheet commemorating the opening of the new stadium, Royal Mail is issuing a Smilers Sheet using the 1st class (football) Lion & Shield stamp, with the labels depicting and describing some of the memorable occasions in the history of the old stadium, such as the 1924 British Empire Exhibition, the 1948 Olympic Games, the 1996 World Cup, and the Live Aid concert. Designed by hat-trick Design. The sheet shown here is from a pre-release image and we understand that this although printed (and possibly distributed to some dealers) this is NOT the final design. As far as we know the only change was to the first name of Emil Zatopek which was shown as Emile in the original. We'll show the reprint shortly, meanwhile click on the image for a larger picture in a new window.

Smilers sheet of 20 x 1st class stamps and labels showing significant events in the history of Wembley.

Technical details:
The miniature sheet is printed in gravure by De La Rue, size 115(h) x 105mm(w). The A4 size Smilers Sheet is printed by Cartor Security Printing in lithography.
All images except Norvic Philatelics FDCs are Copyright 2007 by Royal Mail.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Covers

We have two first day covers for the miniature sheet, price 6.95 each.
1. Illustrated with the outside of the stadium, showing the arch, cancelled with L10483
Norvic first day cover for Wembley Stadium miniature sheet issued 17 May 2007.

2. Illustrated with a cross-section of the old & new stadium, cancelled with L10495 (Cover illustration courtesy of Wembley National Stadium Ltd)
Norvic first day cover for Wembley Stadium miniature sheet issued 17 May 2007.

3. A set of 4 covers for the Smilers sheet set price 10.95. Because of the size of the stamps only 10 stamps are included on the covers, with two covers having 3 stamps and 6 labels each as shown, and two covers having 2 stamps and 4 labels.
Norvic set of first day covers for Wembley Stadium Smilers sheet issued 17 May 2007.

Products issued:
Miniature Sheet mint
Miniature sheet on Royal Mail FDC
Smilers sheet unmounted mint 

Special Postmarks
Postmarks available for the day of issue include these, these may not be to scale.   These postmarks cannot be obtained after the date of issue.

postmark illustrated with football pitch. postmark illustrated with football. Wembley first day of issue postmark . postmark illustrated with arch over football. postmark with text as shown below.
Ref FD707
Philatelic Bureau Official Postmark
Ref FD708
Liverpool Official Postmark
Ref FD708NP
Liverpool Official non-pictorial Postmark
Ref L10483
Wembley Middlesex (Arch)
Ref L10498
The New Wembley Stadium, Wembley Middlesex
postmark illustrated with football. postmark showing new wembley stadium. postmark showing old wembley stadium. postmark showing a lion's head. postmark showing old wembley stadium.
Ref M10502
Wembley Grove, Birmingham
Ref L10495
An exciting new era, Wembley, Middlesex
Ref L10496
Legendary venue, Wembley Middlesex
Ref L10494
Wembley Stadium
Ref L10081 A glorious past, Wembley (rollable date)

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