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50th Anniversary of Wilding Definitives - 2nd Miniature Sheet - 20 May 2003

Just over 50 years ago, at the start of a new Elizabethan era, the first stamps of the new Queen's reign were issued in time for the Christmas post in 1952. Known generally as the 'Wilding' issue after the photographer, Dorothy Wilding, whose studio produced the portrait of the young Queen, 9 of these stamps were reissued with new values last year in a miniature sheet to commemorate this 50th anniversary.

Now the remaining values of the original set (plus the later 4d) have been reissued in a second sheet shown below.

2nd miniature sheet of 9 Wilding stamps and 'national emblems' label

Actual stamp values (top left to bottom right): 8p, 68p, (label), 4p, 10p, 20p, 28p, 42p, 34p, 'E'

The original 1950s stamps were issued in groups, the grouping being based on the need for particular values and availability of designs.

The 4th group, issued on 2 November 1953 consisted of the blue 4d and 1s6d stamps which resurface in the current sheet. The replica of the green 1s3d was in sheet 1.
The remaining values, originally intended to be in colours close to those of the George VI stamps, were issued in two further groups. The 3d deep lilac, 6d reddish-purple and 7d green were issued on 18 January 1954, and the 9d bronze-green, 10d Prussian Blue and 11d plum on 8 February 1954.

This Commemorative Sheet utilises the designs and colours of the 7 stamps issued in 1953/54 plus the 4d which was not issued until February 1959, and only exists with the multiple crown watermark:

   4p deep lilac (3d), 8p blue (4d), and 'E' rate chestnut (4d) by M C Farrar-Bell.
   10p reddish-purple (6d), and 20p green (7d) by G. Knipe
   28p bronze-green (9d), 42p Prussian blue (10d) and 34p plum (11d) by Mary Adshead
   68p grey-blue (1s6d) by Edmund Dulac.
Total face value at the time it was issued - 2.52

Technical details:
The sheets are printed by De La Rue in gravure, perf 15x14. The 20p stamp has one phosphor band as this is the new 2nd class inland rate.
The colour of the stamps has been matched to the originals, and a cream-coloured tint surrounds the stamps to simulate the original off-white paper. This uncoated paper has a '50' watermark (upright), as was used for the Golden Jubilee commemoratives and prestige book issued in February 2002.
Unlike those stamps which had an image size exactly the same as the 1952 stamps (18 x 22mm), the image on the stamps from this miniature sheet are various sizes! Apparently some of the stamps are not absolutely vertical either.

The images are from Royal Mail's Postmark Bulletin, and Philatelic Bulletin, and are Copyright 2003 by Royal Mail.

Norvic Philatelics First Day Cover service serviced Royal Mail FDCs for this sheet.

Complete sheet of 9 stamps on PO FDC - 7.50
Mint sheet - 4.90
Presentation Pack - 6.25

PO FDC with Windsor postmark   PO FDC with Edinburgh thistle postmark

We also have FDCs from the first Wilding sheet in stock, some with postmarks matching or complimentary to those shown below - please ask for details.

These postmarks were available for use on the day of issue:

picture to follow picture to follow Windsor Castle Buckingham Palace camera
Ref FD311
Official Bureau FDI postmark depicting multiple images of the St Edward's Crown used in the 'Multiple Crowns' 3rd watermark for Wilding stamps in 1958
Ref FD312
Official Windsor FDI postmark depicting the
E 2 R St Edward's Crown second watermark used for the Wilding stamps in 1955
Ref E4680
Windsor Castle permanent postmark
Ref L4666
Buckingham Palace, SW London permanent postmark
Ref L8526
Wilding Definitives II, George Street, London W1
Scottish Thistle National floral emblems floral emblems round 'stamp' floral emblems floral emblems
Ref S8401
50th Anniversary of the first Elizabethan definitives, Edinburgh
Ref E8408
Wilding Revival Stamps Series II, Windsor
Ref L8503
Wilding Definitives 1953-59, Old Bond Street, London W1
Ref L8520
The Wilding Definitives Collection, Old Bond Street, London W1
Ref L8521
The Wilding Definitives Collection, Regent Street, London W1
 garland magnifying glass camera floral emblems ribbons
Ref L8522
The Wilding Definitives Collection, Portman Square, London W1
Ref L8523
The Wilding Definitives Collection, King Edward St, London EC1A
Ref L8524
The Wilding Definitives Collection, Buckingham Palace Rd, London SW1
Ref M8536
The Wilding Definitives Collection, Longford, Gloucester
Ref E8544
The Wilding Definitives Collection, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
camera shutter camera floral emblems
Ref E8545
The Wilding Definitives Collection, Basingstoke, Hampshire
Ref W8546
The Wilding Definitives Collection, The Octagon, Milsom St, Bath
Ref L8527
Queen Elizabeth II Wilding Definitives Collection II, Portman Square, London

This page updated 6 August 2003. [7.2.05]

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