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Greetings Stamps - Flowers - 21 January 2003

Sheet of 20 plus labels
These colourful and attractive 1st class stamps were were first issued in 1997 in booklets of 10. As Royal Mail are now making them available for personalisation this souvenir sheet with illustrated labels has been produced. The sheet is A4 in size and contains two sets of stamps arranged in a different order. The sheet is sold at a premium over face value.

sheet of 20 stamps with attached labels and decorative borders - 2 sets of 10 stamps and labels showing flowers Click here for larger picture.

The flowers shown are, reading down the sheet:
Column 1: Hippeastrum rutilum, Camellia japonica, Magnolia grandiflora, Gentiana acaulis.
Column 2: Guzmania splendens, Fuchsia 'Princess of Wales', Iris latifolia, Tulipa, Tulipa gesneriana.
Columns 3 & 4 show the same stamps in a different order.
The labels mostly show the same flower as the stamp to which they are attached, but designs span two labels in four cases: in positions 1+2 in label columns 1 & 3, positions 3+4 in label column 2, and positions 4+5 in label column 4.
The designs are taken from 19th century paintings of flowers.

Technical details:
Sheets - printed by House of Questa as are all Personalised sheets.
This is the first time these stamps have been printed by Questa as the booklets were printed by Walsall Security Print.

All images are taken from Royal Mail's Philatelic Bulletin and Postmark Bulletin, and are Copyright 2003 by Royal Mail.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Covers

We produced two exclusive covers for this issue, with 5 stamps and labels on each, both with postmark L8273 shown below.
The covers were sold only in pairs and are now all sold.

There are NO Royal Mail FDCs for these stamps.

Special postmarks available for the day of issue are shown here.

Flowers shown on postmarks have been identified to the best of my limited ability - corrections are welcome!
 camellia   gentian Passion flower tulip Fuchsia
Ref L8297
Woking Surrey [Royal Horticultural Society]
Ref L8298
Kew, Richmond, Surrey [Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew]
Ref L8299
Passion flower.
Chelsea, London SW3 [Chelsea Flower Show]
Ref N8313
Harrogate,Yorkshire. [North of England Flower Show]
Ref E8326
Rettendon Common, Chelmsford. [ ]

 magnolia Hippeastrum iris Guzmania  tulip
Ref E8325
Ardingly, Haywards Heath. [ ]
Ref W8334
St Austell, Cornwall [The Eden Project]
Ref W8336
Llanarthney, Carmarthen [National Garden of Wales]
Ref W8337
Mevagissey, St Austell. [ ]
Ref W8335
Torrington, Devon [ ]
Ref L8273
Botanical Fine Arts, Kew Gardens, Richmond, Surrey

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