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'Hello' self-adhesive booklet and Wales 1st class reprint - 4 March 2003

In March 2002 Royal Mail issued what were arguably the best 'Occasions' Greetings stamps yet. Now, just as they are withdrawn, the 'Hello' stamp has been reissued in a new form, with 4 x 1st class gold definitives in a self-adhesive booklet.

Cover and booklet contents

Royal Mail's policy on postmarking booklets on FDCs changed several times during the period late 2002 - early 2003. The latest ruling is that booklets may be fixed to FDCs for postmarking but if the postmark doesn't show well against the shiny portion of the booklet between the stamps, that's too bad and they won't be replaced. Of the booklets we did, some worked well and some are not so good, although with a bit of thought by the postmarking centres, they could have been better (see below.)

Technical details: These booklets are printed in gravure by De La Rue (Questa).
Images are from The Philatelic Bulletin and are copyright 2003, Royal Mail.

Country Stamps

Wales 1st class stamp The Wales 1st class stamp, delayed from 15 October 2002, will be issued on the same date. Previously printed by Walsall Security Print, this new printing is by De La Rue. Both versions are in gravure in sheets of 200.

First Day Covers

Because Royal Mail do not regard either of these as new stamps, there are no official First Day Cover facilities and no special postmarks for this day. Because they are reprints, Norvic Philatelics will service Post Office first day covers for these stamps, at the prices shown below. There will be no Norvic Exclusive FDCs.
Wales 1st class reprint with Brecknock Museum Postman's Roots postmark Hello self-adhesive booklet with Tintagel Post Office Centenary postmark

PO First Day Cover with booklet - 3.65
PO First Day Cover with Wales 1st class - 1.75
Mint booklets with or without cylinder numbers - please ask for prices.

Postmarks available on the day of this issue:
aeroplane sky-writing plane cat lion
Ref L8411
Self Adhesives Occasions NVI Stamp Book, Hounslow Middlesex
Ref M8413
Hello Retail Book, Flyford Flavell, Worcester
Ref N8416
Hello Retail Book, Greetwell, Lincoln
Ref W8428
Hello Retail Book, Waverton, Chester
Windsor Castle Cardiff mailcoach postbox
Ref E4680 - Windsor Castle, Royal Mail permanent handstamp Ref E5097 - Cardiff Royal Mail permanent handstamp Ref E7748 - Bath Postal Museum, Postal History Brought to Life Ref FD235 - Centenary of the Old Post Office Tintagel
old postmark <<<<
Ref W8427
Brecknock Museum Postman's Roots, Brecon ++ Hynt y Post, Amgueddfa Brycheiniog, Brecon
In use 1 March - 13 April 2003
Submarine <<<<
Ref N8417
HMS/m Vanguard "Launched" 1992, Barrow-in-Furness

This page updated 20 June 2003 (7.2.05)

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