Norvic Philatelics - GB New Stamps and Special Postmarks the Lemon stamp, decorated with eyes, moustache , hat and bow-tie

Fun Fruit & Vegetables - 25 March 2003

Royal Mail's latest novelty stamps are aimed at children, but will appeal to children of all ages! Labelled "Fun Fruit & Veg, the first DIY stamps", the set of 10 stamps depicting individual fruit and vegetables will be issued in a se-tenant block with an attached sheet of 76 stickers, which can be added to the stamps to make faces, etc, as shown below. The stamps are self-adhesive, die-cut free-form/rectangular - that is basically rectangular but with the top and/or bottom of the subject extending beyong the rectangular 'boundary' - see picture.

stamp sheet showing 10 stamps
sheet of 76 nose, eye, hat, hair, feet, etc, stickers

The stamps were designed by Johnson Banks, using photographs by Kevin Summers.

Technical details: The stamps are 39 x 28.5mm, printed on a self-adhesive laminate in sheets of 10. They are printed in 4-colour gravure by Walsall Security Print with kiss die-cut perforations 15 x 14.    The images are from Royal Mail's Stamp Preview, Postmark Bulletin, and Philatelic Bulletin, and are Copyright 2003 by Royal Mail.

First Day Covers

One of a pair of Norvic 'Fun Fruit & Veg' FDCs showing how it can be decorated with the Norvic 'face' labels Norvic Exclusive FDCs are sold in pairs (five stamps on each) and will be supplied eitherwith our own sheet of stickers so that buyers will be able to customise their own covers, or with our own stickers already attached. Every cover is unique!
This set is limited to 25 pairs of covers priced at 10.95

Covers supplied by Royal Mail in their standing order service will have undecorated stamps.
All PO FDCs supplied by us - except those with postmark E8407 - will have stamps decorated with the labels. With 76 stickers to choose from, the faces on each cover will vary, and so each will be unique!

Special Day of Issue postmarks/cancels.
apple mouse pushing strawberries in barrow apples
Ref FD307
Philatelic Bureau FDI postmark
Ref FD308
Bureau Pear Tree, Derby FDI postmark
Ref M8393
Fun Fruit & Veg, Birmingham
Ref L8376
Covent Garden, London WC2
Ref M8394
Appletree, Daventry
faces selection of fruit doctors & nurses - child's drawing apple potatoes
Ref E8407
Appledore, Ashford
Ref L8374
Interactive Children's Stamps, Child's Place, London SW5
Ref L8375
Great Ormond Street Hospital, London WC1
Ref N8422
Fruit & Veg, Appleby Scunthorpe
Ref N8421
Fruit & Veg, Chipping, Preston
aubergine Brussel Sprout sweet_pepper tomato lemon
Ref N8420
Fruit & Veg, Garden Village, Hull
Ref N8419
Fruit & Veg, Brusselton, Shildon
Ref N8418
Fruit & Veg, Pepper Arden, Northallerton
Ref E8424
Fruit & Veg, Ripe, Lewes
Ref E8425
Fruit & Veg, Bittering, Dereham
orange strawberries pear text couch potato
Ref E8426
Fruit & Veg, Grove, Canterbury
Ref E8429
Fruit & Veg, Strawberry Valley, Dartmouth
Ref M8414
Fruit & Veg, Pear Tree, Derby
Ref W8430
First UK DIY Postage Stamps, Fun Fruit & Veg, Sticker, St Austell
Ref S8455
Fun Fruit & Veg, Greens, Turriff
pear selection of fruit text
Ref M8458
Sainsburys Northampton
Special packs of the stamps are sold by this supermarket chain
Ref L8442
Covent Garden, London WC2
Ref W8460
Operation Iceberg Preparations - Task Force 57, Devonport Plymouth.
HMSs Illustrious, Indefatigable, Indomitable, Victorious, Howe, King George V, Argonaut, Black Prince, Euryalus, Gambia, Swiftsure, plus 13 FAA Squadrons

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