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OCCASIONS - Multiple Choice - 4 February 2003

This is the third annual set of novelty stamps for Special Occasions.
'Customised' stamps are not new, and have been issued in Canada (self-adhesive attachments) and Netherlands (scratch-card messages) in recent years. But this may be the first time that users have been encouraged to write on stamps with a pen! Collectors of 'properly used' stamps, may consider that these have only been properly used if they have pen-marks in addition to postal markings.

three stamps
Yes / No / Maybe Oops / Sorry / Will try harder
"I did it!" / "You did it!" / "We did it!"
three stamps
Gold star / See me / Playtime I (love) U / XXXX / S.W.A.L.K. Angel / Poppet / Little terror

The stamps have been designed by UNA, with captions by Sara Wiegand and Mike Exon.

Personalised sheets

The stamps are also available for personalisation, and a collectors sheet has been produced as shown here. We haven't yet seen this sheet but believe that this is the final design. Collectors of CATS will be interested in the stamp at bottom left, and there is a DOG in column 2 and column 4!

Technical details: .
The stamps are printed in lithography by The House of Questa, perf 14.5 x 14, with PVA gum, in se-tenant blocks of 6 (2x3) in sheets of 60 (2 panes of 30).
The Personalised sheets are also printed by Questa.
All images except FDCs are taken from Royal Mail's Philatelic Bulletin and Postmark Bulletin, and are Copyright 2003 by Royal Mail.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Covers

We have produced exclusive covers for this issue, with similar design but in two colours. Covers with the main sheet stamps have postmark M8308 and covers with the personalised stamps with labels have postmark W8338.
Cover with 6 stamps from sheets of 60 - 5.95. The same block of 6 is on all covers.
Cover with 6 stamps and labels from sheets of 20 - 6.95.
A set of 6 stamps from the sheet is on each cover: some covers have blocks, and some (as shown here) have a block of 4 and a pair. 

Norvic Official FDC with 6 stamps from 'Smilers' Sheet    Detail from Norvic Official FDC
Norvic Official FDC with 6 stamps from normal counter sheet

Special postmarks available for the Day of Issue are shown here:
'undecided child' 'undecided adult' calendar cupid roses
Ref FD303
Bureau Official Postmark
Ref FD304
Official Postmark, Merry Hill, Wolverhampton
Ref M8308
Angel Street, Worcester
Ref M8309
Occasions, Birmingham
Ref N8314
Gretna Green, Carlisle
tick here Nostradamus (image temporarily unavailable) Rodin's 'The Thinker' jumping for joy hearts
Ref W8338
Tickenham, Clevedon
Ref L8300
Quin-Centenary Anniversary Nostradamus (1503-1566), World's End Place, London SW10
Ref L8340
Maybe... May Street, London W14
Ref N8344
I did it! Jump, Barnsley, S Yorkshire
Ref L8345
XXXX, Loversall, Doncaster
'Saturn'? Lovers in heart Star bear" angel
Ref L8341
Occasions, Donkey lane, Enfield, Middlesex
Ref E8249
Lover, Salisbury
Ref S8346
Gold Star!, Star, Gelnrothes, Fife
Ref E8348
Sorry... Flowerdown, Winchester
Ref W8352
Angel. Angel Bank, Bitterley, Ludlow
'Granny knot' in heart <<<<
Ref E8250
The True Lovers Knot, Blandford Forum
Public House/Inn
'Just Married' car <<<<
Ref E8360
Stamps for Special Occasions, 'Just Married', Sandwich, Kent

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