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Animal Tales: Illustrations from Children's Literature: Joint issue with USA - 10 January 2006

This is a joint issue with USPS, but only 2 stamps, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Maisy, will feature in both the Royal Mail and the USPS stamp issue. There will be an official joint FDC (shown below) featuring these stamps, and we will produce pairs of covers with all 16 stamps from both countries, each cover having 4 stamps from each country.

Reason and inspiration for Stamp Issue:
It’s 100 years since Beatrix Potter’s Jeremy Fisher first leapt into children’s lives, but the amphibious fisherman is just one of many enchanting animal creations who have found their way onto the bookshelves of millions of homes. Animal Tales celebrates the enduring popularity and universal appeal of illustrated children’s books from both sides of the Atlantic in a special joint issue with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Stamp Design and Background:
Both postal administrations chose seven home-grown books, plus an eighth from ‘across the pond’. The British stamps are issued in four se-tenant pairs. From the American selection Royal Mail selected Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar, whose insatiable appetite has nibbled its way into 20 million homes worldwide. Fittingly, he has already taken bites out of the 68p stamp he appears on next to Maisy, Lucy Cousins’ lovable mouse, who was chosen to appear on the USPS issue.

Set of 8 British stamps featuring illustrations from children's literature.

The British Stamps

2nd class - The Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher by Beatrix Potter, © Frederick Warne & Co. 1906, 2002
2nd class - Kipper by Mick Inkpen, reproduced by permission of Hodder and Stoughton Limited;
1st class - The Enormous Crocodile,by Roald Dahl, illustration © Quentin Blake;
1st class - Paddington Bearby Michael Bond, illustrated by Peggy Fortnum © Paddington and Company Ltd 2006. Licensed by Copyrights Group.
42p - Boots from the book Comic Adventures of Boots© 2002 by Satoshi Kitamura, first published by Andersen Press Ltd., London;
42p - The White Rabbit from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury © 1999. Licensed by Walker Books Ltd., London.
68p - The Very Hungry Caterpillar © Eric Carle LLC;
68p - Maisy Lucy Cousins 2006. Licensed by Copyrights Group.

USA stamps

The USPS has announced the subjects and designs for the American issue. All stamps are shown as 37c but as postage rates will rise in January these will be 39c. The stamps are issued in a self-adhesive sheets of 16 'se-tenant', ie the perforations are interlinked and unlike British self-adhesive stamps, it is not possible to cut a single stamp from a sheet. The First Day of Isssue Ceremony will be at the University of Findlay's Mazza Museum, Gardner Fine Arts Pavilion, Findlay, Ohio.

Set of 8 US stamps showing illustrations from Children's literature - copyright USPS
- Click on the stamps to see the whole sheet
    * Very Hungry Caterpillar
    * Wilbur (from Charlotte's Web)
    * Fox in Socks
    * Maisy
    * Wild Thing
    * Curious George
    * Olivia
    * Frederick
USPS first day of issue postmark for Favorite Book Animals stamps

Smilers Sheet

The Paddington Bear 1st class stamp will be issued in a self-adhesive Smilers Sheet of 20 stamps with labels featuring classic illustrations of Paddington from the original books. Click on the sheet to see a larger image.

Sheet of 20 Paddington Bear Smilers stamps with labels featuring classic illustrations of Paddington from the original books.

Technical details:
The British stamps are printed in gravure by De La Rue Security Print, perf 14.5, size 35mm square, with PVA gum. [Royal Mail have also said litho by DLR, we await confirmation.]
Smilers are printed in litho. This is said to be by DLR as well, though Smilers are usually printed by Walsall SP or their subsidiary Cartor.
Images of British stamps and postmarks are Copyright 2005/06 by Royal Mail. Images of US stamps/postmarks are from and are Copyright 2005/06 by United States Postal Service.

First Day Covers - see this page - some are sold out but many are still in stock.

Other products available from us

Ref R1. Set of 8 GB stamps on Royal Mail fdc with any available postmark - Price £5.00. (see Royal Mail publicity photo with postmark FD602 below.)
Ref R1J. Set of 8 GB stamps with any available postmark, and set of 8 US stamps with standard USPS postmark on pair of Royal Mail fdcs - Price £9.50.

Set of 8 stamps mint or vfu - Price £4.25
Set of 8 cards unused (PHQ cards) - Price £3.50
Set of 8 PHQ cards with stamps on front cancelled with relevant postmarks - Price £7.75
Presentation pack (as shown below) - Price £4.70
Any postmark on plain c6 envelope with stamp of your choice Price £1.20 plus cost of stamp; discounts available.

Enquiries, please email us.

The special postmarks available on the Day of Issue are shown here. This may be all; the next Postark Bulletin is due on January 6th, just 4 days before the stamps are issued.

Animal Tales first day postmark from Tallents House featuring a snake. Animal Tales first day postmark from Mousehole, Cornwall, featuring 'Maisy' the mouse. Animal Tales non-pictorial first day postmark from Mousehole, Cornwall. Postmark showing cartoon cat Postmark showing cartoon dog carrying newspaper
Ref FD601
Official Philatelic Bureau FD postmark
Ref FD602
Official Mousehole, Penzance, Cornwall postmark featuring Maisy
Ref FD602NP
Official non-pictorial Mousehole, Penzance, Cornwall postmark
Ref L9880
Animal Tales, London [br]
Ref M9883
Animal Tales, Dogpool Lane, Birmingham [rm]
Animal Tales first day postmark depicting a frog. Animal Tales first day postmark depicting a dog. Animal Tales first day postmark depicting a crocodile. Animal Tales first day postmark depicting Paddington Bear. Animal Tales first day postmark depicting Paddington Bear.
Ref N9897
Animal Tales, Near Sawrey, Ambleside (Frog)
Ref L9885
Animal Tales, Inkpen, Hungerford (Dog)
Ref W9900
Animal Tales, Llandaff, Cardiff (Crocodile)
Ref L9887
A Bear called Paddington, London W10
Ref L9886
Paddington, London W2
Animal Tales first day postmark depicting a cat in a basket. Animal Tales first day postmark depicting a rabbit. Animal Tales first day postmark depicting a caterpillar. Animal Tales first day postmark depicting a mouse. Animal Tales first day postmark depicting a white rabbit.
Ref M9893
Animal Tales, Catshill, Bromsgrove
Ref N9895
Animal Tales, Daresbury, Warrington
Ref M9894
Animal Tales, Stratford-Upon-Avon
Ref W9901
Animal Tales, Mousehole, Penzance
Ref L9889
The White Rabit, Maidstone, Kent (Hotel/Inn)
postmark showing dragon/croc?. postmark showing hat and suitcase of Paddington bear. Animal Tales postmark showing teddy bear. Animal Tales postmark showing Crocky Trail Waverton Animal Tales postmark showing Rupert? bear
Ref W9884
Animal Tales, Snapper, Barnstaple [so]
Ref L9879
The Lost Bear, Windsor Gardens, London [so]
Ref L9888
Animal Tales, Paddington London W2 [str]
Ref W9902
Animal Tales, Crocky Trail, Waverton, Chester [ps]
Ref N9896
Animal Tales, Paddington, Warrington
postmark showing Bletchley Park P O, books and palettes <<<<
Ref L9890
Bletchley Park PO, Milton Keynes.
Sammy the snail postmark <<<<
Ref N9898
First stamp issue 2006, Cotswold and Stuart Covers, York
Postmark relevance:
9885 - Inkpen: village, and name of author; 9886, 9887, 9888 Paddington (station) after which the Bear was named. 9895 - Daresbury, birthplace of author Lewis Carroll; 9897 - Near Sawrey, first home of Beatrix Potter; 9900 - Llandaff, birthplace of author Roald Dahl; 9902 - Crocky Trail: see link above. 9883, 9893, 9901 place name loosely associated.

Royal Mail FDC

Illustrated here is the Royal Mail FDC for the British stamps.

Royal Mail first day cover for the Animal Tales stamp issue 10 January 2006.

The FDCs were designed by Rose Design with illustrations from Sara Fanelli and poems by Roger McGough.

Presentation Pack

The pack was designed by Rose Design and is fully illustrated by from Sara Fanelli with a narrative by Roger McGough.
Previous Joint Issues have featured a Joint Pack: no joint pack has been announced for this issue.

Royal Mail Presentation Pack for the Animal Tales stamp issue 10 January 2006.

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