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Great Britain 1966 World Cup Winners stamp.

World Cup 2006 & Smilers Sheet - 6 June 2006

The Football World Cup of 2006 will take place in Germany from 9 June to 9 July.

2006 marks the 40th anniversary of England beating Germany in the 1966 World Cup Final, and each of the 6 stamps issued by Royal Mail features one of the six national teams that have won the Cup since 1966.

Set of 6 British stamps to celebrate the Football World Cup taking place in Germany June/July 2006.  
<br>The stamps include the flags of England, Italy, France, Germany, Argentina and Brazil

The stamps show

1st England - 42p Italy - 44p Argentina
50p Germany - 64p France - 72p Brazil

England's Finest Hour World Cup Smilers Sheet

Englands Finest Hour Smilers Sheet 6 June 2006
Click on the sheet to see a larger version.

The sheet is captioned "England's Finest Hour... Wembley Stadium London, 30 July 1966". Each of the labels is different, and charts the day from 1pm when the gates were opened to let in 93,000 fans, through to 5.30pm when the England team saluted the crowd and paraded the cup which had been presented to England captain, the late Bobby Moore, by Her Majesty the Queen. The centre stamp on the 4th column includes the legendary words of commentator Kenneth Wolstenhome, "Some people are on the pitch. They think it's all over .... it is now.", uttered as Geoff Hurst scored the final goal.

This Smilers sheet was to have been issued at the same time as the miniature sheet to commemorate the opening of the new Wembley Stadium. The postponement of both the opening of the new Wembley Stadium, and of the miniature sheet to commemorate that event meant a change of plans for Royal Mail.

Technical details:
The stamps were designed by Madeleine Bennett using photography from the Getty Images agency. 35mm square, they are printed in litho by Walsall Security Printers, perf 14.5, with PVA gum. All images except FDCs are from Royal Mail's Philatelic Bulletin and Postmark Bulletin, and are Copyright 2005 by Royal Mail.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Cover

We have produced exclusive FDCs for this issue as usual. As the Smilers sheet has 20 different labels this is offered as single stamps and sets of 4 covers.

FDC with a full set of World Cup Winners stamps are available with postmarks L10070 and L10071 - price 8.95 each.
NB: the cover caption reads 1966-2002 because the Winners are shown for those years.
Pictures of Norvic FDCs are actual postmarked covers.

Norvic first day cover for 2006 World Cup Winners stamp set.

Norvic first day cover for 2006 World Cup Winners stamp set.

Set of 4 covers each with 5 Smilers stamps - price 18.50; single stamp on cover price 3.75
Norvic first day cover for 2006 World Cup Smilers Sheet.
Pictures of Norvic FDCs are actual postmarked covers.

Also available

Set of 6 mint or very fine used
Set of 6 stamp cards
Smilers Mint sheet -

Royal Mail Presentation Pack - 4.75
Royal Mail World Cup Winners stamps presentation pack 4 June 2006.
Royal Mail FDCs with any postmark - 5.00
Royal Mail World Cup Winners stamps first day cover 4 June 2006.

Special Postmarks

Postmarks available for the day of issue are shown below. These may not be to scale.
These cannot be obtained after 6 June and must be ordered from us by 1 June.

official philatelic bureau postmark for World Cup Winners stamps 6 June 2006. official Ball's Park postmark for World Cup Winners stamps 6 June 2006. official non-pictorial Ball's Park postmark for World Cup Winners stamps 6 June 2006.

Postmark showing 'World Cup Willie' mascot of the 1966 World Cup. postmark showing a football.
Ref FD621
Philatelic Bureau Official Postmark
Ref FD622
Balls Park, Hertford, Official Postmark
Ref FD622NP
Balls Park, Hertford, Official non-pictorial postmark
Ref L10069
40th Anniversary of World Cup Winners, Wembley Middlesex
Ref L10071
England Winners, Wembley, Middlesex
postmark showing football. postmark with text only, see below. postmark showing footballer. postmark showing footballer running with ball. postmark showing footballer running with ball.
Ref L10064
40th Anniversary England World Cup Winners, Englands Lane, London NW3
Ref L10065
Bobby Moore OBE, West Ham, London E13 "My Captain, My Leader, My Right Hand Man"
Ref L10067
Wembley Middlesex
Ref M10074
World Cup Winners, Hurst Street, Birmignham
Ref L10070
They think it's all over - It is now!, England 4 West Germany 2, Wembley
Postmark showing the arms of the Referees' Association Postmark showing football and Addidas boots. postmark showing football. postmark showing Nike football boots. postmark showing football making zero of 40.
Ref M10076
The Referees' Association, Coundon, Coventry
Ref N10078
England The World at their Feet, The Ball, Widnes (Addidas-style boots)
Ref L10073
World Cup Winners, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes
Ref L10072
Football Heroes, Wembley, Middlesex (Nike-style boots)
Ref L10066
World Cup Winners, Wembley
postmark showing footballer and ball. postmark showing the old Wembley Stadium football-shaped postmark. postmark showing football pitch.
Ref L10084
World Cup Winners, Wembley, Middx
Ref L10081
A Glorious Past, Wembley, Middlesex changeable datestamp
Ref L10068
Football Lane, Harrow, Middlesex
Ref M10108
Football Tavern, Derby
Late announcement: please order by 23 June

This page updated 21 June 2006

As all postmarks have been added, and we now show actual Norvic FDCs, this page should not be updated again. To order, please follow the link above the FDCs. For any other questions please email us.

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