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The Year of the Three Kings: Miniature Sheet - 31 August 2006

In January 1936 King George V died, to be succeeded by his son who became Edward VIII. Edward, who was in love with the American divorcee Wallis Simpson, was forced to make a choice between Mrs Simpson and the throne. Putting love before duty he was succeeded by his brother who became King George VI in December that year.

Stamp Miniature sheet issued to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Year of the Three Kings.
This is a scan of the actual sheet.

The miniature sheet contains a single 3 Machin definitive, and non-postally valid reproductions of the 1d red King George V (photogravure), King Edward VIII, and King George VI stamps. In the corner of the sheet are national floral emblems as shown on the King George VI stamp designed by Eric Gill.

Although there is no new stamp, as the 3 stamp has been issued previously, Royal Mail have announced a Commemorative Cover for this sheet. The 3 stamp appears to be a good match to the one issued in conventional sheets.

All stamp and postmark images are copyright 2006, Royal Mail.

Technical details:
Designed by Together Design Ltd, the sheet is printed by De La Rue Security Print in gravure. Dimensions: 126mm x 73mm.

First Day Covers

We have produced a small number of First Day Covers for this issue which will be available with postmark M10173 or L10165 .
These are now sold out

Norvic first day cover for Royal Mail Year of the Three Kings Miniature sheet 31 August 2006.

Also available
Miniature sheet - mint or vfu - Price 3.50
Sheet on PO fdc* with any available postmark - Price 4.75.
* As the PO fdc is 'illustrated' with uncoloured embossed heads of the kings, similar to the heads on the stamps, viewers will have to imagine that they can see it below!

Royal Mail commemorative cover for Royal Mail Year of the Three Kings Miniature sheet 31 August 2006.

Special Postmarks available on the day of this issue are shown here; others will be added as they are announced. These images may not be to scale..
Postmark showing a crown and profiles of King George VI, King Edward VIII, and King George VI. Postmark showing the crowns. Windsor Castle permanent postmark. Birmingham postmark showing profiles of the Three Kings as they appeared on stamps and coins. postmark showing lion and unicorn.
Ref FD637 - Official Bureau postmark, a crown and profiles of King George VI, King Edward VIII, and King George VI. Ref FD638
Threekingham postmark showing the three crowns
Ref E4680
Windsor Permanent Postmark
Ref M10173
Year of the Three Kings, King's Heath, Birmingham
Ref L10170
1936 Year of the Three Kings, Kingsdown, Dover, Kent
Postmark showing three crowns. Postmark in the form of a crown. postmark showing natonal floral emblems. postmark showing part of coats of arms - Lion & Unicorn. postmark showing crown.
Ref L10163
1936 year of The Three Kings - 70th anniversary Windsor.
Ref L10164
Three Kings Yard, London EC4.
Ref L10167
70th Anniversary Year of The Three Kings, Buckingham Gate, London SW1
Ref L10165
1936 The Three Kings, Windsor, Berks
Ref L10168
Year of the Three Kings, Three Kings Yard, London W1
postmark showing three crowns. Postmark showing A crown. Postmark showing empty throne. London SW permanent postmark showing Buckingham Palace. postmark showing text and logo.
Ref N10174
The Three Kings, Threekingham, Sleaford
Ref L10166
70th anniversary Year of The Three Kings, Dean's Yard, London SW1.
Ref L10169
Year of the Three Kings, London SW1.
Ref L4666
London SW permanent postmark showing Buckingham Palace.
Ref L10162
Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the "Year of Three Kings", Baldwin's the Name for Numismatics

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