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The 80th Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - 18 April 2005

To mark the Queen’s 80th birthday on 21 April, Royal Mail will issue eight warm and informal photographic portraits taken throughout her life.

The eight stamps show Her Majesty from every decade except the decade of her birth and the 90’s. Pictures of Her Majesty in her early years were a bit thin on the ground especially as the brief dictated that she would need to be laughing or smiling.

In the case of the 90’s, no picture was selected because despite sifting through many pictures from that decade, Roger Tooth was unable to find a suitable ‘cheerful’ shot which worked well with the set. This was possibly due, in part, to the fact that that particular decade was not exactly a great time for Her Majesty, and included her ‘annus horribilis’.





Stamp designs:
Note the values on the left-hand 2nd class and left-hand 72p stamps are grey as shown on the Royal Mail fdc below, not white as shown on these publicity photos.

2nd Class (with sunglasses) – On board the Royal Yacht Britannia 1972 by Patrick (Lord) Lichfield ©Camera Press
2nd Class (with horse) – Royal Windsor Horse Show 11 May 1985 ©Getty Images
1st Class – Greeting British Airways dignitaries at Heathrow Airport marking the 10th anniversary of UNICEF/BA Change for Good programme by Chris Young PA/Empics©Empics
1st Class – February 1931 Princess Elizabeth age five with her mother the then Duchess of York ©Camera Press
44p (profile with tiara) – Princess Elizabeth attending State Banquet, Rideau Hall, Ottawa, Canada, 12 October 1951 ©Fox Photos/Getty Images
44p (full face) – HM the Queen c.1960 ©Camera Press
72p – April 1940 Princess Elizabeth aged 14 ©Camera Press
72p – HM the Queen and Prince Philip c.1951 ©Camera Press

Technical details:
Designed by Sedley Place, the stamps will be printed in gravure by Joh Enschede Security Print, size 41x30mm. Images are Copyright 2005/6 by Royal Mail.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Cover

We have a selection of exclusive FDCs for this issue. The Buckingham Palace cover is postmarked with either L10029 or L10020 as shown. Price £8.95.
These images are digital mock-ups so the postmarks may not be this size.

Norvic official first day cover for stamps issued to commemorate 80th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II 18 April 2006 Norvic official first day cover for stamps issued to commemorate 80th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II 18 April 2006

The Sandringham cover is cancelled with M10038, also Price £8.95 Norvic official first day cover for stamps issued to commemorate 80th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II 18 April 2006

Also available:
Set of 8 stamps mint or very fine used - £4.50.
PO stamp cards also available - these are postcard-sized reproductions of the stamps: price £3.25 set of 8.
Any postmark (either date) on plain white c6 envelope with stamp of your choice - Price £1 plus cost of stamp, discounts available.
Double-dated covers may also be produced - please ask if you would like these.

Also some sets on PO FDC - Price £5.25

Royal Mail fdc for the Queens 80th Birthday stamps.

The special postmarks available on the Day of Issue and The Queen's actual birthday are shown here. NB: not shown to scale.

postmark showing a crown. postmark showing a crown-EIIR monogram. text only postmark First Day of Issue Windsor. Windsor postmark 80th birthday. postmark showing a crown.
Ref FD617
Philatelic Bureau Official First Day Postmark
Ref FD618
Official Windsor First Day Postmark
Ref FD618NP
Official Windsor non-pictorial First Day Postmark
Ref L10024
80th Birthday, Windsor Berkshire
Ref M10039
Queens Drive, Birmingham
postmark with flowers. postmark showing a crown-& large 80. postmark showing a rose. postmark 80th showing Buckingham Palace. postmark showing Windsor Castle.
Ref L10031
Buckingham Palace Road, London
Ref L10025
80 London
Ref L10021
Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1(rose)
Ref L10029
London SW1 (Buckingham Palace)
Ref L10030
Windsor, Berkshire (Windsor Castle)
postmark The Board of Deputies of British Jews & Star. postmark showing crown and national floral emblems. postmark showing E II R. postmark of Holyrood House Edinburgh. postmark showing Crathie, Aberdeenshire.
Ref L10028 *
350 Years of the Jewish Community in Great Britain, Bloomsbury Square, London WC1
Ref L10020
Buckingham Palace London SW1
Ref L10026
E II R Bletchley Park Post Office
Ref S10041
Edinburgh, Holyrood House
Ref S10040
Crathie, Ballater, Aberdeenshire
postmark showing a decoration. postmark with crown and sceptre. postmark showing birthday cake. postmark showing Sandringham House. permanent Royal Mail Windsor postmark showing the castle.
Ref L10033
Grenadier Road, London E16
Ref L10032
The Crown and Sceptre, Northbourne, Bournemouth
Public house/Inn
Ref L10027
Happy Birthday to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Windsor
Ref M10038
Sandringham Norfolk
Ref E4680
Royal Mail Windsor postmark
permanent Royal Mail London SW postmark showing the Buckingham Palace. These postmarks are for Her Majesty's Birthday on 21 April and can be applied to any of the stamps on any cover or card. postmark with text only. postmark showing crown. postmark showing National Emblems.
Ref L4666
Royal Mail, London SW postmark
Ref L10035
Ref L10037
Buckingham Palace London SW1
Ref L10036
London SW1
* We did not service any covers using this postmark. Readers of the Jewish Chronicle and others interested in covers bearing this postmark should contact: ABC-FDC, 1st Floor, Unit 1, Kings Mews, Kings Street, London N2 8DY

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